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28th March - The last 2 1/2 weeks

So I haven't been updating because my computer has been pretty fucked lately. I don't remember if I wrote this already, but I got a virus by clicking a link sent over an msn message box, so now my computer's slow as hell, some pages barely load at all, I can't do shit like upload photos or music to web pages and everything stops working altogether after 2-3 hours every time. How lame! So I'm trying not to use it unless I feel I need to.

So what have I been up to? Well me and Melle had things to talk about on the last entry day, and we sorted things out. Everything is coolio between us right now and we've reached a new level of understanding. I guess bad times ultimately lead to a stronger relationship if things work out, as they did. Although we're only seeing each other 1 or 2 days per week lately we're diggin our time together and making the most of it. Heh, writing this is making me miss her all the more right now haha.

The job search has continued recently, and I had a job interview 2 weeks ago for a relief library assistant. I quite like the idea of working in a library since my interest in literature has increased, but it wasn't to be. I looked the part (trimmed by beard for the occasion) and I could see I was giving the answers that the 3 interviewers wanted to hear. I even noticed a couple of impressed reactions. But I faultered on just one thing - I was unaware of the services offered for the disabled. That's it! All I could think of was stuff like access ramps, and I mentioned that there are braille books, but my mind didn't work. What bugs me was it's something I could learn in 5 minutes, I just hadn't thought of this before because...well I don't really know anyone who is disabled. I would think someone would be employed based on their intelligence and their attitude towards work, along with how they would deal with difficult customers and other challenging situations. I covered those points VERY well in my interview, but I faultered on something I can learn in 5 minutes. Bah, I'll take the lesson for next time. I guess I should have prepared some answers in advance instead of winging it, but never mind.

Gig wise, I've played the following gigs with The Rutherfords:

13th March - The Q bar, Nottingham with Apple go miles (I think) and some other band

We sucked! We really did, and we played for 45 minutes or so too. Firstly the room was an odd setup, as the entrance was to the right of us, with another area to the left, and very little room in front of us. So there was a row of people seated on a sofa in front of us, with everyone else to the side. I wasn't comfortable at all. Lee managed to snap 2 bass strings...yes TWO! Talk about bad luck. I didn't play partucularly well and didn't enjoy it at all with the bass pedal moving away from me all the time. I wore earplugs for the first time which made things quiet, so it may have sounded worse to me than the others, but I know we sucked by our standards. Doesn't help that we hadn't played together (rehearsals included) for maybe 3 weeks too. Despite all that, everyone I've spoken to since except for Melle said we sounded good, and the guys from the band ASBO Peepshow liked us, gave us their demo too, but we really should have been better.

14th March - PJ's Snooker club, Ripley with Abacination, Elmo must die & Hudson

We were back on form, playing much better than the night before. First band on as The Frontline had pulled out, but we didn't mind at all, we know all the bands there and it's not a crowd we particularly have to impress (most people were there for the social scene rather than watching bands), apart from our mates who have mostly seen us before. I sorted out the PA so there few a couple of technical glitches but all was well. Was great seeing Hudson too as I haven't seen Ricky since Christmas. Such a great bloke, and a great band! Was sweet talking to Dan too about Metal. We even got payed £30 for this and got a couple of free drinks. We're playing here again in May, and I am with Mantus in April.

27th March - Junktion 7, Nottingham with Richard Bacchus & the luckiest girls, The Dangerfields & In Isolation

We were questioning whether we should have accepted playing this gig at all last night. We were chuffed to be on the bill, and it was our first time at Junktion 7 as The Rutherfords, but we had to get 20 people tonight as the promoter asked. We've heard he can be a cunt, so was worried about being blacklisted and ripped to pieces. As it turns out, we got at least a dozen people there (would have got a load more but typically there was a party tonight that many of our 'fans' were at) and Jaimz Riot seemed cool enough with us. That's the business side out of the way - we played really fucking well too. Definitely among our best gigs, and we really seem to have a habit of stepping up our game when it counts. I messed up the beat on a couple of the newer songs because of thinking too much, but people didn't seem to bothered. The cover of Denis by Blondie went down really well, and there was quite abit of wooping over certain other parts.

Best of all was Richard Bacchus liked us alot and was "Kissing Glyn's arse" according to Jo B. They got into a conversation about how The Ramones downstroked all their chords and it seems we won him over by replicating that. I know it doesn't sound difficult downstroking every chord, but you try playing along to a Ramones live album and doing it. It takes ALOT to build up the strength to do it. I certainly can't for as long as Glyn and The Ramones can. Richard B also told us about how he was sat with Didi Ramone when he quit the band, and despite complimenting us more than once the Dangerfields seemed a little disappointed to my amusement upon learning we named our band after Wimpy Rutherford - they have a history with The Queers. Great night though, all the bands were fab at what they do. AND...Rich Bacchus said he'd give us a gig if we're ever in the states.

We haven't gigged with Mantus lately,l but we do have a couple of slots in April now. I'd gotten quite concerned about us having no gigs for months but a couple of mates have sorted us out. I also decided to Book Blood Divided & Datora in Derby as part of their tour - gonna make it into a mini all-dayer. We're playing Godless festival in Stoke too!

I learned a couple of days ago that Mark had been talking to the singer in his other band, who apparently was very impressed when he saw us before, whenever that was. According to him we're known to be a really good band, with "everyone" singing our praise. I just wish these people would attend our gigs. What I really can't wait to get finished is the recording, which is slowly getting there. Got half of the bass tracks finished now, with hopefully the rest being finished this Sunday. I have a couple of tracks to get vocals down to as well, then we can try getting some reviews sorted. Same goes for The Rutherfords.

There goes the highlights of my last 2 and half weeks. Got a gig this Sunday with The Rutherfords again and seeing Every time I die next week at the Rescue rooms. Hopefully Derren Brown in Derby too. Can't fuckin wait!

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