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8th March - post thoughts

Got woken up by Jo at Glyn’s place at 11am. She made some toast and tea, and we watched some TV (joined by Glyn) before leaving at 12pm. I wind up spending most of today online. My computer’s infected with some virus so everything takes a lot longer to get done than it should do, so I defrag the computer too which helps a little. During my online shenanigans I get in touch with a few promoters to try and get The Rutherfords some more gigs, and also fuck up the Myspace page with a mix-up using the html. Lee sorts it out though thank god. I wanted to head down to Nottingham tonight for Mark’s birthday outing but being so skint I skip it. He calls me though and mentions his friend wants Mantus to play at his house warming up in Manchester this June. Apparently he’s living with 10 other people, their back garden is a field and all the equipment will be there. Sounds killer!

Lucy comes up crying pretty late on because she’s been arguing with Mum over a pretty simple misunderstanding. Luckily I’ve drawn some board money out for Mum, so I give her that and ask if there’s anything that needs doing as housework, as this is the stem of their argument. Turns out there’s nothing to be done and I say my piece, and for once there’s no shouting match, just agreement – amazing!

I call Melle a while later and we talk, and she seems to be fairly ok with me now. We talk a little bit about our fallout last night, and although I’m not fully forgiven I think things will be alright in a day or two.

I post this bulletin on Myspace later which is related to a conversation I had today:


"Someone I know believes in spirituality and that people can get in touch with spirits through mediums, ouija bords, etc. I'm skeptical with things like that, but I have an open mind and don't rule out the possibility of it being genuine.

This person tells me regularly of things that have happened, you know, personal experiences. This person was quite disappointed when i took part recently and didn't believe there was anything spiritual happening at all. On the other hand, if I talk about reasons I think it is not genuine, this person asks me to stop talking about it because we disagree.

Here's my question...does it seem odd to anyone else that this person thinks it's "disrespectful" for me to voice my opinions, even though I listen to theirs? And is it not ignorant to enthusiastically talk about these beliefs that said person believes in, then refuse to listen to anything I have to say which is contradictory to them?

I just can't get over the idea of only listening to one side of a debate / argument / opinion, as oppose to taking on all the information and forming an opinion from that. From ALL of the information.

Any thoughts please, hit reply.

/ Greg" 


I guess I just needed some other opinion with no bias involved, which is why I said no names or specifically what was done. Got a few responses, all saying they agree with me and I have every right to voice my opinion pretty much. One person who responded implied that she does believe in things like this herself, yet still said, amongst other things “Everyone at the end of the day is entitled to what they believe in....a true believer as much as you are a true sceptic will respect your belief and will not get upset by nor question it.”


Rant over.

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