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Greg's Boring-Ass Life

Hey, it's your time

18 July 1984
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Hello there! Good of you to read this. I don't really know much about this live journal thing but I thought it might be cool to get my thoughts down, and anyone wanting to read it is fine by me.

Anyway, abit about me. I'm a Music student at NCN Nottingham, in my final year of a BA(hons) Sonic arts. I already have my HND in Music performance as this is a top-up degree. Music is my life. I'm over the moon about how far I have come as a musician since before starting the course, where I was stuck in a dead end factory job and gave myself that kick up the arse to do something about my life, something that people tend not to do enough these days.

Other than the college education I am currently in two bands, kinda. I say kinda 'cus none of them are ready to gig with yet. There may be a third (am I already in that) with some guys at college but that's abit of a side thing for me, but it's cool 'cus we improvise loads and it's something I wouldn't normally have done. My main thing I guess is 'Mantus', as Metal is my true passion and there are elements of Punk that I put in there, which is important to me because my first band was Punk. I miss those days! Other than that I'm a drummer in 'The Rutherfords' (my 1st instrument is the guitar) with my old pal Glyn from the previous Punk band mentioned - The Dodgems. Bassists are being tried out as of tommorrow.

Previous jobs include decorating, factory shizz, working as a cashier in Ladbrokes.

I have other interests but a good music career is really what I want, and most of my attention is on music in some form.