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10th March

Didn't get up until 3.30pm as I didn't get to sleep until 5am last night and I've lost quite abit lately already. I feel refreshed when I finally do wake though, and even more so after my first shower in 3 days. Dirty? Maybe so, but I've just been such a bum the last few days haha. And if I'm not going out or seeing anyone...fuck it, I'll stew in my own filth. Beside, it makes me feel extra fresh today as it's been a long time coming, which is just what I need as I've had a lot on my mind since last night.

I get a sausage roll for breakfast downstairs and make some tea, and Mum enters the kitchen. She's asking me (with some disgust) if I can shave my beard off. Apparently one of my beard hairs was found in a dish earlier, which she finds very off-putting. I would too, but I think asking me to shave it off is a bit extreme. I have decided to trim it this week as it turns out for my job interview, but it ain't leaving yet. Probably some day, but when I think about it I can't help but wonder if I'll still appear to be me with other people. There's many people who don't know the clean shaven me now, so I'd find it strange.

I find out later in the evening the reason for my Mums bad mood today, which is half the reason she sounded disgusted about the beard hair and why she's been shouting at Lucy quite a bit today. Her ex Ian was supposed to be taking her on holiday to Tunisia this Wednesday for a week, but she's no longer going. According to my sister Lucy, there's were a number of reasons given, such as Mum hasn't had a jab she should get first. But the most likely was the last given, that Ian is ashamed to be with my Mum because of her clothing. I know my Mum isn't the most fashionable of women, but she worries all the time about money. She's afraid to spend anything because she's bad with numbers and always believes that money will run out and she'll lose the house, so please forgive her for not having the most expensive of clothing. Shallow cunt!

Once I'm upstairs I realize my computer virus isn't any better, although both yesterday and today it seems to be absent only after the computer has been on for a few hours, and when I use firefox instead of explorer. I reckon I'll have to wipe the hard drive again (like last year), either that or install and pay for a virus remover which might not work for all I know. I back up all my data anyway while reading The Unbearable Lightness of being and tidying up. I also have a bash on the drums, much better than my short burst yesterday, which was my first time on them in a week or two.

Me and Melle have arranged for her to come up here tomorrow too. I was pondering on going to see Datora play in Derby, but there's things me and Melle need to talk about. We didn't really get that quality time together last time, being at her friends house party, so she's coming up. I've also been giving some thought as to what bands to book for a Mantus gig or two. I asked Razorwire if they want a gig in Nottingham, and gave some thought about other bands. Also asked Dan Peach if we could play Godless festival in Stoke this year, as he's seen us before and liked us. We really need to fuckin gigs!


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Mar. 15th, 2008 08:30 pm (UTC)
I have indeed opted for a trim - I ended up with a cross between the short boxed beard and the anchor ;)
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