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9th March - Bad news

Got some pretty shit news today that could bring up some trust issues. I ain't gonna elaborate though.

As for what I did today, not a lot. The internet wasn’t working all day, until 3am in the morning, I think it’s because I unplugged the router and re-plugged it again, to talk to Melle without interference. Went on Myspace and updated my journal after 3am. Had a little jam on the guitar and drums earlier too. In the day I watched Jersey girl plus the extras, Whose line is it anyway?, Two pints, clerks: the first cut and read some of Milan Kundera’s The unbearable lightness of being. It's odd how I cry more when watching flicks now than I have done before. In fact I never cried to anything on TV until the last year or so. I've seen Jersey girl a bunch of times, a very much under-rated film and today was the only time it brought tears to my eyes, in multiple scenes. This was before I'd received some bad news, I was just pissed at my internet connection not working. 

I'm turning into a big sap.

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