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6th March - Good turn, bad turn

Dammit! I overlay by a good couple of hours or so. Turns out I tried setting my alarm last night (I remember doing it clearly) but I must’ve failed to hit ‘Yes’ when asked if I’m sure. Oh well, I still manage to do what I absolutely must do, I just need to get a move on and I can’t do any of the music workbooks for the job centre. So I hurry up with some limited Myspace stuff, a quick shower, get my gear sorted and eat before heading to Alfreton to print my covering letter and CV for Haze, an alternative clothes shop in Derby.

Once done I nip in  shop while waiting for the bus, and get stopped by a guy in his late fifties, saying “Are you heading for the stairway to heaven?”. He’s a drummer, and seeing my Guitar he made that comment, which resulted in us having a little chat about music. I tell him I play for Mantus and he says he’ll keep a look out for us. Half a minute later I get to the bus stop, and a guy in his forties says “I’ll ask the question first…how long have you been playing the violin?” I think he was trying to be funny. Another five minute chat ensues, although he seems to want to talk rather than listen, and doesn’t answer when I ask what he plays. He just gives little nods and changes the subject…odd. I kinda like the whole thing about being stopped to chat because a common interest is shared, I’d just never do it with other people because I think it’s often seen as strange to want to talk to a complete stranger if you’re not in a social setting such as a pub.

This bus is about 15 minutes late, like the one earlier, so I’m pushing it to get into Derby on time. I need to hand in my job application today I’m told, and I’m relieved when I see that the shop is still open. Annoyingly, I get to the counter and I’m told that they’ve stopped taking applications. It’s really fucking annoying as I was in here a few days ago and told that handing in my CV today was fine. Seeing as I’m in derby for a gig anyway, I didn’t make a special trip for this earlier in the week, and now I’ve lost out on the opportunity because of some stupid sales assistant who has no idea what’s happening. Thanks! It’s a shame because I was in a rather good mood up until that point. I have very little time left to get Wayne his present, but I manage to stumble across Green Wing: series 2, which I know he likes so I pick it up for him. While in the shop I get a phone call from the Derby council offering me a job interview next week as a relief library assistant. This perks my mood up a bit, and I head over to the Vic.

Tonight should have been an easy gig, and in truth it was. It just seemed pretty worthless. Satnam’s Tash opened the set, who were pretty good at what they do. It was clear that nearly everyone was here to see them though, with almost all of the punters leaving before we played our set. This machine dropped out, so in attendance for us was a fairly miserable 5 people – 2 promoters / band members from Knives of death, a friend of Marks by the name of Boff, a bloke in a wheelchair and someone called John Hanson who only caught the last 2 songs, but liked what he heard. It really was one of those gigs that you dread as a band, the prospect of playing to a barely empty room. On the plus side, the promoters asked us if we’d be interested in playing an all-dayer they’re planning, and this John Hanson told me he’s looking for bands to play an all-dayer in Crewe, I just need to find him on Facebook somehow.

Me, Mark and Boff are in a big rush to catch the bus having to miss the headlining band, and I run for the bus to watch it drive off. We’re stranded in Derby and stand outside for half an hour discussing what to do and talking about some hilarious things that Mark has done in the past. We head to Mama Jane’s, get our grub on, fail to find an open pub other than the Walkabout (which we refuse to enter) and decide to head home. It costs me £7.80, but at least I can get my music workbooks done for tomorrow morning. After putting the work off all week, I manage to blitz through it all and finish up collecting contacts at about 4.30am.

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