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March 3rd - Mr. Procrastination returns

Didn’t get up until about 1.45pm, and I’m annoyed at myself because I realize that I could have got up earlier to record some Mantus vocals while the house is empty. I tend not to record any vocals of my own if people are in, partly because I know people won’t appreciate me shouting lyrics, but mainly because I don’t particularly like singing in front of people unless it’s on stage, fully-rehearsed. I instead head downstairs for some tea and do my usual morning internet stuff. Get some breakfast half an hour later then come upstairs and look through my new deal for musicians workbook that I have to complete by this Friday, as well as updating the Diary for that.

The workbook I’m on is to do with promoting, and pretty much just involves looking up potential contacts for my band in the future, such as labels, managers, promoters, publishers, etc. Naturally I need the internet to find people, so I sign up to the free subscription on the www.musicweek.com website. I get very distracted with carrying out this research though and don’t get as far as I intend, constantly flicking between this and Myspace, amongst other things.

I get a shout at around tea-time from Lucy – her and Mum are going to Derby, presumably to buy Wayne a birthday present, so I’m happy that I’ll be able to record some vocals after all. Wayne comes in half way through the session, but I deal with it and just carry on. I only record It won’t be long as I realize by voice has changed by the time I’ve gone through it a couple of times and re-recorded particular sections, but I think I have everything I need. Recording today was the first time I’ve used something to stop the popping that naturally occurs when saying B’s, P’s, etc. It’s much more clear than past attempts with little distortion, and with the compression and equalization on it sounds pretty decent. All I need to do is put the best vocal takes into the same track now.

I get some dinner after that, watching T.V as I do and wash up what pots are there. After that I feel like playing some Pro evolution soccer 5, but an intended one or two games turns into five of them. By this time I attempt to research contacts again, but again get distracted. It doesn’t help having Lucy playing on my keyboard behind me either, and although she has the headphones in it’s still distracting. Before I know it 10.40pm has rolled around and I realize I’m missing Curb your enthusiasm, so I rush down to watch that, grab some sarnies and head back upstairs to play more PES, do some Myspace stuff and watch some porn. During the time I played PES Mark called me about the SpeedTheory gig – apparently he played the whole gig in standard tuning instead of drop D! It’s a tad annoying but I’m actually not all that bothered by it. I got some feedback by some honest mates on the night, and while it wasn’t our best performance, we’re told it was good all the same. I also say it’d be worth him changing his very old bass strings as the intonation could be out, which would be useful to record with. I intended on tidying my room to save the job tomorrow, but I’m now so tired I go to sleep at 4am.


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